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Description: Be tutored by high school students who have taken the courses you're stuggling with! They know the best tips to help you succeed

Date: Always ongoing! You and your tutor can pick out a time that works best for the both of you


Website Penetration Tutorials

Please only test your attacks against networks that have given you consent to do so. Robotics for All is not responsible for those who disobey this.

Date: Free youtube tutorials on website penetration, available for free at any time!


Managing an FLL Team - Training for Teachers

Description: One-of-a-kind guide on how to begin and teach an FLL team. This comes with resources to help you team stay ahead this season. Constant mentorhsip is available!

Date: Taught on Demand

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  • "Becoming a Successful FLL Team" at Columbia Foundation (school in India) x2
  • "Becoming a Successful FLL Team" at Dr.M.Dejamma Mahaveer Institution (school in India)
  • "Making Music with Python": partnership with breakbeatcode (hosted to students in India)
  • "Designing and Digitilizing an App": partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Seattle 2022 Local Election: partnership with Turnout Nation
  • "Introduction to Java" Workshop x2
  • "Physics 1" Workshop x2
  • "Introduction to Biology" Workshop x2
  • "Becoming a Successful FLL Team" workshop
  • "Block Programming" Workshop

Our Offered Classes

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FLL Virtual EV3 Mindstorms Program - 1 hr for 15 days

This course is a virtual FLL EV3 Mindstorms program that teaches students how to build and program EV3 Mindstorm robots for FLL competitions. You will learn about the EV3 brick, sensors, motors, and more by using Lego Digital Designer and EV3 Classroom. Through this course, you will develop the skills necessary in order to compete in FLL competitions.

FLL Virtual SPIKE Prime Program - 1 hr for 15 days

This course is a virtual FLL SPIKE Prime program that teaches students how to build and program SPIKE Prime robots for FLL competitions. You will learn about the SPIKE hub, sensors, motors, and more by using Studio 2.0 and SPIKE App. Through this course, you will develop the skills necessary in order to compete in FLL competitions.


Designing an App - 1 hr for 2 days

This workshop will teach you the components of an app and how to sketch out app templates to solve problems. This will encourage you to build user personas and ultimately lead you to create a finalized app template that you will use in part 2 of this workshop.

Digitilizing App Designs - 1 hr for 3 days

This workshop will teach you how to use Figma for graphic design, specifically to design apps and logos. This includes creating shapes, styles, and connecting these screens to make an interactive app design. By the end, you will have converted the app sketches from the "Designing an App" workshop into Figma app templates!

Introduction to HTML - 1 hr for 6 days

This course will teach you the fundmentals of HTML from the basics. You will develop websites that have lists, tables, headings, paragraphs, and more! This will be the first step to beginning your web development journey, and leads into another upcoming course on CSS!

Introduction to Java - 1 hr for 8 days

This course introduces the essentials of Java without any prior coding knowledge required. You will learn about print statements, conditionals, for loops, input, and much more! These skills will be applied to solve complex problems and create fun programs that can help further your Java career.

Introduction to Block Programming - 1 hr for 5 days

This course will introduce you to Block Programming using Scratch. You will learn the basics of how to code and create fun projects along the way! Movement, loops, variables? You will learn it all in an amazing, interactive week!

Website Penetration - Free Public Youtube Playlist

Network Penetration Testing allows you to test the security of a WiFi network and gives you access to intercept messages, links, and other packets being sent from a device to a router, all without knowing the actual password of the network. Please only test your attacks against networks that have given you consent to do so.


Foundations of Physics - 1 hr for 8 days

This course will introduce the fantastic field of physics! You will learn about velocity, movement, acceleration, and the key components physists use to solve real-world challenges. This course is full of practice and concepts that will help you understand physics. Take your first steps towards your scientific future!

Biology - 1 hr for 15 days

What makes up life? What makes life possible? This biology course will address these questions and more by learning about cells, genetics, evolution, plants, and more while developing a deeper understanding of the world around us. This course prepares you specifically for the middle school National Science Bowl competition.

Our Class Reviews

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If i gave the review i will tell that it is the best thing that i ever experience. I am taking both classes on schedule day. The class was amazing at every time it makes aur on other activities also like Coding And robotics

- 2021 / Robotics & Programming Course


It is an amzing Experience for me and I am so happy To Try & learn new things.I thank robotics for all for providing me such a great opportunity.

- 2021 / Robotics & Programming Course

ARJUN - Student

I understood each and every thing now I am a topper of my class

- 2021 / Biology


I LOVED EVERYTHING!! Please continue this class in the future. I learned so much and I have improved my skills a ton. I am so interested! Java is cooler than I originally thought. I will definitely recommend to my friends and enroll in "Advanced Java" course if there is one. All my questions were answered and the teacher went at amazing pace, even though you were typing a bit fast. You should totally continue this class!

- 2020 / Introduction to Java

AARAV T. - Student

I am talking class for past 2 years I had a very great experience and will wish for more classes. As I am very interested in FLL competitions.

- 2021 / Robotics & Programming Course


I liked both the subjects, things were well explained, I loved the sessions. I was interested in robotics but the sessions encouraged me towards robotics and stem a lot. The instructors were very humble towards us and made our doubts clear. They gave us a good knowledge of each and every building part.

- 2020 - 2021 / Robotics

ARUL JHA - Student

From this I learned different types of making robot. I am definitely going to continue robotics into the future! These were such beautiful sessions.

- 2020 - 2021 / Robotics


Awesome! Great! Definitely changed my perspective! Amazing for kids!

- 2020 - 2021 / Robotics


I like making robots and programming! Changed my perspective!

- 2020 - 2021 / Robotics


very good

- 2021 / Robotics & Programming Course


Very fine

- 2021 / Robotics & Programming Course

RACHEL - Student

It was really fun, and I enjoyed the class a lot.

- 2021 / Designing an App

AARAV S. - Student

very nice session

- 2021 / Robotics & Programming Course


She learned the basics of Java which was very helpful to identify her interests to code. She was always very eager to attend this class. She showed me how much she learned and I'm really proud of what she was able to accomplish.

- 2020 / Introduction to Java